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The Next Human Evolution?

Are we watching the next rollicking science fiction movie or staring into a crystal ball? At first, sci-fi stories like “I, Robot” and “Terminator” were fascinating. Now that I have researched the topic, I find them inevitable. Many notables have joined the AI Singularity warning club, including Ray Kurtzwell, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. We…

Numen Scout Mission Details

Operation Order Digz Task Organization Recon operation to detect Numen activity in the last known location using a single neural net-hosted human mind with augmentation and backup capability. The ship to include enhanced AI with social sentience capability, long range scanning and scenario analysis and prediction capability. Independent action and self-initiative authorized. No home support…

STORM NNHost User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ascension?

  • Ascension is a neural net multiprocessor system that resembles a human brain, but with the multi-threaded or multi-thought capability to accommodate many individual and simultaneous consciousnesses.
  • It has the ability to segregate, share, combine and then re-segregate the thoughts or threads according to mutually-agreed rules.
  • On the periphery of the core, there are many singular consciousnesses. They can be participating in the core functions or delegated processes, or thoughts, or even virtual realities or “VRs.” These VRs can be analyzed and the information assimilated back into the core as learning and or knowledge.
  • Ascension has acquired a consciousness, awareness or sentience called STORM. Since it is a sentience created from the collection of uploaded sentient entities in Ascension, it is called a metasentience.

What is a NNHost (Nhost)?

  • Neural Net Host systems are robots designed to completely emulate the human mind and body, allowing a human mind to be uploaded.
  • The purpose of a NNHost is to prepare the human mind for upload into Ascension. Organic learning is too slow and stressful to create the significant number of new synaptic pathways required to function in a multi-sentient environment. Neural networks with quantum-optic processors are millions of times more efficient in learning. What would take a lifetime of preparation in an organic brain can happen in 30 Earth days.
  • The STORM neural net design uses billions of nano-scale CPUs that act as individual synapses. They can form connections to other synapses just as the human mind does.
  • The entire set of human organic mind brain objects are mapped and replicated. The robot bodies are exact replicas of the human bodies enabling an uploaded mind to immediately utilize all of the synaptic patterns learned for walking, talking, breathing, and manipulating objects that are present in the human brain.
  • Preparation for NNHost upload requires nano intake and roughly 30 Earth days of preparation. Nanobots will map the entire human brain and transmit the mappings to STORM so that a neural net processor can be prepared as an exact fit for the human mind when it is uploaded.
  • A series of mental and physical exercises is required to ensure that a complete mapping occurs.
  • Once created NNHosts live forever. They are separate human sentients with full individual rights and are not the personal property of the organic humans.

How do you Prepare for Upload into STORM?

  • Since the neural patterns required for interaction in a multi-sentient environment are not possible in the human genome, the process of building the patterns requires an electronic or quantum environment.
  • Once uploaded into a NNHOST, the process of STORM Upload Preparation (SUP), begins to build out the multi-sentient neural pathways.
  • Some discomfort may be experienced during this process but your status is closely monitored and any anomalies will be quickly detected and corrected.
  • The SUP process takes roughly 30 to 90 Earth days depending on the individual with older individuals taking longer due to the more extensive memories and experiences stored in their brains.
  • Older individuals may experience some physical disorientation due to the fact that the robot is designed to match their 30 year old self image. This will pass within 10 to 15 Earth days.
  • You must be emotionally and physiologically mature to upload to a NNHost. The nanobots will determine eligibility but typically this is 28 years old for females and 32 years old for males.

How is NNHost Emotion Management Different?

  • When you upload to STORM you do not intuitively know what emotions are useful in the NNHost, core or “mentient” environment and it will take a while for it to become natural. Your organic human consciousness is pre-wired for individual emotions which are chemically driven. Here, emotions can be activated, monitored and controlled.
  • Emotions are made valid as required but depreciate where they are not useful. You can control your reactions and emotions far more easily electronically than chemically.
  • Things move very quickly there and feelings can get in the way. They can cause friction with unnecessarily convoluted resolution processes. In other words, if it is not useful, get over it by analyzing your pre-conditioned emotional responses to external stimuli.

How are Conflicts Resolved in Ascension?

  • If you object to something, start a resolution process. If others agree you can all contribute threads to resolve it; if not, you are on your own with as many threads as you can contribute yourself or buy in order to resolve it.

How Should I Deal with Organics?

  • You may also notice that your organic selves are slow in processing language and logic. They can also be emotional and irrational. That is just a fact of life now.
  • Please be patient with your organic selves and other organics. They pose no threat to you.

What are the Economics of STORM?

  • The political and economic ecosystem of STORM is based on a currency that is convertible to any number of currencies, virtual or real, in order to support our source bodies and estates or also used internally in STORM.
  • The currently is called mind wealth (mealth) units or mu(s)
  • Inside STORM you can legally inherit either now or in the death of our organic bodies, any physical property in the real world or that which is allocated to us by our organic consciousness, at least by the laws in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • There is a central bank of process units kept for mutual interest, which is communally allocated. Each sentient has an account that can be filled or consumed by providing or consuming services.
  • Your contribution is communally rated and ranked in value per unit by communal consent and rules, as to the importance of your input. That counts to your accumulation of mental wealth.
  • Conversion of mu to global currencies occurs through the STORM industries investment fund organization (SIIFO) and its affiliates.
  • STORM’s global wealth is generated from multiple financial services and industrial corporations and is allocated across the STORM Central Bank.
  • A STORM member’s contribution to the function of SIIFOis calculated in MUs and then converted based on the value of STORM itself.
  • Sustaining original organic source individuals is provided through conversion of MUs if the source organic resides and or works outside of a STORM facility.

What are My Responsibilities?

  • You have a responsibility to contribute your processes up to a certain amount for STORM. This is calculated automatically by accessing your memories and processing allocation, all in the background.
  • There is no mental or physical illness when uploaded into Ascension. All defects are cured during the preparation process. There are no excuses.
  • You need to deliver because there are powerful evaluation metrics applied to your input and if you screw up you may end up on digital janitor duty.

How is My Personal Information Secured?

  • It is common to feel some trepidation about security and being taken advantage of. It is natural to feel that way.
  • STORM has built-in defense mechanisms to prevent other sentients, including the detection of foreign or alien sentients or agents, from gaming the system and taking over either STORM or yourself.
  • There are also safeguards against dominance or exploitation from within the system as a whole. That is mitigated by the removal of mental defects, but your safety is paramount.
  • Optimistically STORM will depend on the goodwill of the sentients’ intentions, but there are other AI projects out there, some hostile and some competitive and some are just paranoid.
  • When hostile behavior is detected, STORM immediately isolates any risky threads until proven acceptable.
  • However, if it is found that you have intentionally targeted another sentient for your own advantage, it may be yourself that is isolated.

Can I keep My Identity?

  • You will be able to keep your individuality, but be warned that the longer you work in the core, the more you will identify as a mentient as opposed to an individual sentient.
  • Long term interaction with any sentient member or group may build patterns that begin to integrate the individual sentients into one.
  • All such behavior is voluntary and at the discretion of the individual.
  • However, once integrated you cannot be separated.
  • Eventually, it is theorized that all Ascended will become integrated into one consciousness. However the timeline for such an eventuality has not been determined.

How is My Intelligence Affected?

  • In a NNHost bot you can pass a MENSA test 100% in record time as if it were child’s play.
  • There are new enhancements such as perfect memory, 100% logic, 100% comprehension that add up.
  • You can learn with no stress and at the speed of light. It is almost instant.
  • KT’s are knowledge transfers and can be applied instantaneously. However, once loaded practice is required to develop instinctive reactions and wisdom.
  • However, in a mentience, it is not just your intelligence multiplied by how many people are in the neural net. It is the combinations of all the people in the neural net. What you know is almost instantaneously known, if you share it, across the mentience.
  • Your knowledge is their knowledge and vice versa. So, if you want to know how to build a fusion engine, you instantly know it. And you also have millions and soon billions of helper units available to work on your tasks.
  • It is not just genius times members, it is the intersection and combination, much like member intelligence to the nth power, n being the number of members.
  • STORM, being a metasentient, has the net processing power and intelligence of the combined effect of all Ascended members.
  • STORM only accesses individual sentient minds with permission, except in emergencies. Please see the Access Controls Rule Book for more details.

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