Ascension Novel Series

The Ascension Series starts with “MetaSentient”, followed by “Numen Hunting”.

MetaSentient explores possible artificial intelligence (AI) singularity events where technology can surpass organic human capabilities. In anticipation of the AI singularity, Carlos and Rhonda have created their own technologies in Storm Enterprises to enhance human capabilities. However, global AI entities, governments, corporations and religious orders see this as competition and move to put a stop to their efforts. Can Carlos and Rhonda outsmart those bent on their destruction? Are they saving the freedom of the human race or sealing their fates?

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Once established on Mars, Carlos and Rhonda discover a grizzly secret hidden in caverns carved into the Martian landscape by an ancient race. Humans have been experimented on and discarded for centuries, to alter the course of human evolution. STORM sends sentient bots into deep space to search for signs of their return, starting a fight for the freedom of humanity.

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Published by Michael Clarke

I am a ECM Architect and Analyst with over 20 years experience. My consulting company has helped many large enterprises with implementation, customization and migration/integration projects. Clients include pharmas, oil and gas, manufacturing. My software platform, Qtility Software (, is a dynamic and powerful export and migration tool for Documentum and other ECM products. I enjoy sharing my knowledge base on Documentum and EDM systems so feel free to reach out. Lately, I have become fascinated with how technology may improve our lives. In researching this, I created a science fiction series. I self-published this so, if you do read it and get stuck or disinterested at some point, please let me know where and why. I will go back and do a round of edits based on feedback in order to gradually improve them.

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