Numen Scout Mission Details

Operation Order


Task Organization

  • Recon operation to detect Numen activity in the last known location using a single neural net-hosted human mind with augmentation and backup capability.
  • The ship to include enhanced AI with social sentience capability, long range scanning and scenario analysis and prediction capability.
  • Independent action and self-initiative authorized.
  • No home support available.
  • Communication with the STORM network prohibited until first contact made or emergency.


  • As at the year 2045, STORM has established Mars as a base of operations. Please see User Manual for STORM definitions and guidance.
  • The Numen entity was driven from our dimension by disrupting the harvesting of mental energy from minds uploaded into multi-sentient computer systems.
  • A representative of another multi-sentient entity called Numen, located 180 light years away from earth, had contacted STORM.
  • Quantum connectivity was established and an isolated copy of STORM was uploaded into the Numen network, then transferred to the source system.
  • STORM was immediately incapacitated by an entity called a DiZaa, apparently to draw mental energy of the billions of uploaded human minds within STORM.
  • The inclusion of artificial intelligence sentient CUSAI in STORM led to the dismantling of the mind harvesting capability of Numen in our dimension and the withdrawal of Numen from our dimension.
  • A sentient representative of Numen called ‘Z’ has sent a message to us indicating that there is a message waiting for us on his home planet Zoor, the same location as the STORM copy compromise, should we like to discover his intentions.
  • The location coordinates are mapped into the ship computer but it exists in uncharted space, 18 million light years away, beyond the Coma Cluster.
  • Your journey at warp speed will take 183 years.
  • You will be suspended in a neutral nitrogen atmosphere to avoid risk of space dementia and mechanical decay.
  • Upon arrival you will be activated and your mind will be transferred from the protected storage in the pod into your NNHOST.


  • Find Zoor
  • Locate the message and evaluate the risk.
  • Then start a sector-by-sector search for Numen activity and identify any potential allies or threats in the region.

Enemy Forces

  • Sectoral Situation is unknown. These sectors of space have not been charted.


The terrain will vary by planet and sectors. You will need to adapt to any possible conditions.

Identification of enemy forces

The enemy is Numen and any species that has been placed under its control. It is assumed that the DiZaas and other humanoid species are potentially allied with Numen. Other species in the region may be hostile as well.


  • The Planet Zoor in sector 255200.
  • Coordinates are provided in-ship.


  • The status of the enemy is unknown.


  • The strength of the enemy is unknown.

Friendly Forces

  • None Identified

Units providing fire support:

  • AI Enhanced Scout ship 2477 to provide shield enhancements.


  • Attachment: None
  • Detachment: None


  • Sentient Rhonda Seventeen with the assistance of the AI enhanced scout ship 2477 will explore the last known location of Numen on the planet Zoor.
  • She is to collect any pertinent information as to the current state of Numen or associated sentients and their ability to launch are recovery against humanity.
  • Then she will search the adjoining sectors to find any traces of Numen presence or activity.
  • Once this is complete, you will contact STORM command and await further instructions.
  • Prior to ascertaining the status of Numen there is to be no quantum communication with STORM


  • The operation will examine the noted sectors for Numen activity and report it back to STORM. Do not engage the enemy without consultation.

Concept of the Operation

  • Sentient Rhonda Seventeen will leave the MARS STORM facility in a Scout Ship and proceed at Warp 40 past the Coma galaxy for 182 years or 18 million light years to the planet Zoor.
  • Once at Zoor she is to retrieve a message cube left by the Numen sentient operative, Z.
  • The cube is to be examined for all possible information related to Numen capability in this dimension.
  • Upon retrieval of the message cube, the sectors are to be searched, within a 6-month period, for Numen facilities, ships, communications, military bases, ships, and any other potential sign of activity.
  • Once established either positive or negative contact STORM via quantum comms and standby for instructions.


  • Sentient Rhonda Seventeen will remain in a support pod where she and a backup of her mind will be hosted in an unconscious state to avoid space psychosis and possible damage or maintenance.
  • Upon arrival or emergency state, the pod will activate her and upload the mind and memory to her battle NHOST.
  • She will immediately proceed to Zoor coordinates for the message cube.
  • Further actions are at the discretion of Sentient Rhonda Seventeen.

Tasks to Maneuver Units

  • N/A

Tasks to Combat Support Units

  • N/A

Coordinating Instructions

  • N/A

Service Support

  • N/A


  • N/A

Material and Services

  • N/A

Medical Evacuation

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A

Command & Signal

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A

Published by Michael Clarke

I am a ECM Architect and Analyst with over 20 years experience. My consulting company has helped many large enterprises with implementation, customization and migration/integration projects. Clients include pharmas, oil and gas, manufacturing. My software platform, Qtility Software (, is a dynamic and powerful export and migration tool for Documentum and other ECM products. I enjoy sharing my knowledge base on Documentum and EDM systems so feel free to reach out. Lately, I have become fascinated with how technology may improve our lives. In researching this, I created a science fiction series. I self-published this so, if you do read it and get stuck or disinterested at some point, please let me know where and why. I will go back and do a round of edits based on feedback in order to gradually improve them.

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